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At de Mello Palheta, our seasonal coffee offerings provide our guests with an exciting and unparallel sensory experience! Take freshly roasted de Mello Palheta whole bean coffee home with you, and brew your favourite cup, any time of day or night!

We're obsessed with continuing Francisco de Mello Palheta's journey. Join us for coffee conversations and connections, pictures, video and blogs about life at de Mello and the magic we create for you everyday.

At de Mello Palheta, we are committed to bettering our best through ongoing coffee education. Join us and the specialty coffee community for events and workshops designed to ignite your love and passion for coffee.



De Mello Palheta is a micro roaster and a cafe born and raised in Toronto.

Coffee is our passion and our obsession.

At de Mello Palheta we're proud of our team, our accomplishments and the passion we bring to our craft, which results in magical things. As we continue our coffee journey, join us in celebrating our success.

In the 17th Century, the King of Portugal sent Francisco de Mello Palheta to French Guiana to obtain coffee seeds to become a part of the coffee market. He had difficulty obtaining the coffee seeds, yet he captivated the French Governor's wife and she sent him enough coffee seeds and shoots to commence the coffee industry of Brazil. In 1893, Francisco de Mello Palheta planted and spread out the coffee to Kenya and Tanzania. We, de Mello Palheta Coffee Roasters, are named after him and proud to be a part of his continuous journey.